Participants’ Stories

Participants’ Stories

Volunteers from our previous clinical trial describe their experience in research.

“Taking part in MonoPep gave me a sound understanding of my condition, especially as I was recruited only two months after being diagnosed. Being around diabetes specialists who reviewed my levels and helped with managing my condition on a more regular basis than I would receive in clinic, set me up with good habits and a positive attitude from an early stage. By taking part in medical research I feel like I am beating my type 1, it’s a great feeling to be part of ground-breaking research like this project. Since taking part, I’ve been on a further two projects and just about to start my fourth. I can’t recommend taking part in research enough, it benefits the patient, the research and the condition.”


“I would recommend taking part in a trial to anyone. The level of care and attention you get is amazing. Experts at the cutting edge of treatment and research are there to answer your questions and share their knowledge and insights with you. I learned so much more about diabetes and how to deal with it than I ever would have from my regular consultant. More than this though, as a newly diagnosed diabetic I found their understanding, patience and compassion really helped me at what could have been a very difficult time. Knowing the research team was looking out for me made a real difference.

By definition you are getting access to some of the most advanced treatment available. You are also able to give something back. Being involved in a trial allowed me to play a part, however small, in the development of better treatment which will eventually improve the lives of diabetics all around the world. That has got to be something worth being a part of.”